The Latin translation of SERVO is to preserve, safeguard and to protect. We pride our service on being the gateway to making your company data protection compliant.

Our goal is to enable all staff and management to be data compliant. The Data Protection Act 1988/2003 and more recent requirements and legal obligations place the onus firmly on companies to safeguard information and personal data under their care or responsibility. This responsibility can be a client’s personal data, gathering, storing, accessing, safeguarding and disposing of it in line with the 8 rules of the Data Protection Act.

The Data Protection acts 1988 and 2003 prescribe a level of responsibility on businesses and organisations. With this responsibility, the onus is on companies and organisations to maintain a level of knowledge and understanding through training its staff at all levels to limit the chances of fines and penalties and to minimise future risk.

As a company you need to act now… BE PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE!!!

Bring in Servo to take away the worries and hassle involved in CPD training days.

We offer both organised training days for single staff members and in house training days to cover a larger number of staff at a company’s convenience.

All Data Protection courses are subject to minimum participant numbers and bookings will typically close one week prior to the course start date.