In-house training

If you are interested in organising training for staff in your organisation or area? We can come to you!

All our workshops are also available in-house, as well as on our calendar of training.

Our in-house training is a flexible and cost effective way of delivering data protection training solutions to your organisation.

In-house training has the advantage of providing a tailored and convenient method of training staff. Participants are given the opportunity of workshop challenges unique to their own organisation, which helps to promote a level of consistency within an organisation in handling data protection policies and procedures.

Our in-house workshops include:

  • an integrated program offering flexible learning and development strategies across all levels of your organisation
  • a flexible range of content options, and
  • increased relevance and applicability to your sector, region or group.


We can come to your venue and provide you with:

  • Our trainers who are also experienced practitioners in data protection
  • Tailored learning resources specific to certain areas
  • Attendance certificates to verify completion and attendance by staff members