About this Course

This one-day introductory-level seminar is designed for data controllers and or processors within an organisation. Or those who need a basic understanding of data protection rights and responsibilities within Ireland. we cover the fundamental issues contained within the Data Protection Acts that have a legislative impact upon all organisations and provides information on how to achieve compliance. The purpose of a training session or workshop is to create a higher level of collective understanding within an organisation. Organisations who choose to undertake the integration of such training into their business find that post training staff need less monitoring within the scope of data protection. Peace of mind and less micro management is the achievable goal of all companies who train their staff in Data Protection and help an organisation follow the 8 principals of data protection and help your staff with situations which may arise such as Data Protection Requests, breaches, safe response etc.


What will you learn?

The syllabus  encourages the recognition of data protection legislation as one particular safeguard relating to personal information – while at the same time recognising the legitimate needs of business and organisations to process such information fairly.


The syllabus comprises the following core topics:

  • What is data protection?
  • Fundamental definitions you may come across
  • Data Controller’s obligations
  • Individual rights relating to data protection
  • Regulations and enforcement under data protection law

How will you benefit?

Completing the Servo Data Protection Essentials programme equips attendees to:

  • Be fully aware of the need for data protection legislation in Ireland
  • Understand Ireland’s Data Protection laws
  • Interpret and apply Ireland’s Data Protection Acts in their own business environment

Who should attend this course?
This programme is suitable for all those who need a basic understanding of data protection obligations and the need to achieve compliance. All employees who are in regular contact with client or employee personal information will find it of interest and generally beneficial in a wider scope, including:


  • Customer support and call centre staff
  • Human resources staff
  • Legal secretaries
  • Financial services – sales and administration
  • Accounts personnel
  • Line managers in admin, sales, marketing and human resources staff
  • Database administrators and document management staff

Benefits of attending for both organisation and individual:

  • An opportunity to put your questions to a specialist in this area
  • Small groups to allow time for individual attention and queries relating specifically to individuals
  • A detailed handout is supplied to each delegate – which is an invaluable reference document
  • Access to our on-line learning system after your course is completed


Data protection covers a varied spectrum of employment roles and responsibilities. We would recommend training sessions for staff at all levels. Most companies and organisations target middle management staff in order to assess the different levels of interaction with data from staff having received training to know exactly what to look for. If information is being processed within a certain department then the responsibility is for that department to work in accordance with Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003. Management and business owners will also need to be aware of their own responsibilities and we can tailor make a specific training session to assist staff in understanding their responsibilities and help make all staff data compliant.